Bulk SMS Promotions

Bulk SMS Promotions

We are the leading and fast growing bulk SMS service providers offering unlimited services on message promotions. We have a larger connectivity to serve web based premium bulk SMS services. It is the one of the cost effective marketing solution you can advertise your brand, product or service in eye blinking time. Easy to manage about new offers, new products, events with more people in minutes of time. Information should easily convey irrespective of place and time.

It is one of the best direct efficient communications with the public. Your message or service directly reached to the public pockets. We provide service limits regardless of names and numbers you can send message. We serve all the features in bulk SMS package you cannot anywhere these prices else. We must follow the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Regulations.

“Promote Your Business with Our Bulk SMS Gate Way”


  • Quick SMS promotions
  • International bulk SMS services
  • SMS in every language
  • Multiple operator delivery
  • Easy and user friendly panel
  • Have a flexible approach
  • Push messages 24/7

Testing & Support

  • Worldwide services
  • Constant and unfailing support
  • Scheduling the messages on the basis of time and date
  • Single source number for conversation mode
  • The advantage of managing groups
  • Customisation design and data verification